What is a Business Incubator?


Business Incubators support the development of start-up and early-phase businesses.


How does business incubation generally work? Tenant firms join a Business Incubator for a specified period of time (the incubation cycle) whereby they receive support in the form of consultancy services, financial grants, and/or office spaces.


But most importantly, Business Incubators offer a platform for knowledge exchange, networking and partnership development.


The aim is to support the development of early-phase firms and help them to reach stability and autonomy before leaving the Incubator. After graduating from the business incubation programme, firms should have increased competitive power and higher chances of long-term market survival.


For more details about the incubAT Business Incubators or the benefits of the incubated firms, please visit the pages About the Project and Benefits for my business. General information about Business Incubators can be found at the Resources page.