IncubAT Business and Technology Incubators


About the Incubators

Each Business Incubator houses between 16 to 24 firms over a three year period (the duration of an incubation cycle). Incubators are managed locally by consultancy firms, industrial parks or NGOs, individually or in partnerships with universities or other relevant authorities.


Please access the following links for more details on the services provided within the incubAT Incubators and for information concerning the selection of the tenant firms.


If you are an entrepreneur or are looking at starting a business and are interested in joining the business support programme, please contact the incubAT team or the relevant Incubator Administrator - contact details can be found on the page of each Incubator.


Details about the tenant firms within each Incubator can be found at the Tenant firms page.


incubAT is part of the National multi-annual programme for the establishment and development of technology and business incubators, coordinated by the AIPPSME and implemented by UNDP.


The Association of Business Incubators and Business Centers in Romania (AICAR)

AICAR was set up with support from UNDP and AIPPSME, as a legal independent entity, aiming to strengthen the role of Business Incubators in Romania and to ensure their long-term sustainability. AICAR was established in 2010, having as founders the Incubator Administrators from Alba Iulia, Brasov, Mangalia, Sf Gheorghe and Targu Mures. For more information about the association’s activities and membership details, please visit the AICAR website.


The incubAT Business and Technology Incubators

Sf Gheorghe

  • Launched in September 2006
  • Administrated by CovIMM Consulting



  • Launched in October 2006
  • Administrated by Dima Consulting Group


Alba Iulia

  • Launched in November 2006
  • Administrated by Profiles International


Targu Mures

  • Launched in June 2010
  • Administrated by Parc Industrial Mureş SA



  • Launched in October 2010
  • Administrated by Clever Consulting
  • The selection of tenant firms is currently on-going - more details here



  • Launched in May 2011
  • Administered by the Association of Intercommunity Development - Bacau Metropolitan Area



Satu Mare

  • Opening soon (Q4, 2011)
  • Administered by InfoSmart Consulting
  • The selection of tenant firms is currently on-going - more details here



  • Opening soon (es.t Q1, 2012)
  • Administered by RomActiv Business Consulting
  • The selection of tenant firms is currently on-going - more details here



  • Opening soon (est. Q1, 2012)
  • Administered by Ruwatim Smau SRL
  • The selection of tenant firms is currently on-going - more details here


Campia Turzii