About the project



incubAT - The Business and Technology Incubators Project - is part of the “National multi-annual programme for the establishment and development of technology and business incubators”, coordinated by the Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (AIPPSME) and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in cooperation with the Local Authorities in the target-areas.


The incubAT Business and Technology Incubators are part of a strategic framework of economic development of the targeted regions.



incubAT aims to foster sustainable livelihoods in Romania through SME development and to build national and local capacity as means to ensure sustainability of local business development efforts and initiatives.



Three incubators were set up in 2005-2006, in the project pilot phase, in Alba Iulia, Brasov and Sfantu Gheorghe. Of the 60 businesses housed by these incubators, 56 have successfully ended the three year incubation phase in 2009, creating a total of 255 new jobs. The most profitable activities among incubated companies were: advertising, the paper/ cardboard industry, media, constructions and IT.


The project today

The results obtained in the pilot phase have encouraged the development of the project in several directions:

  • Continuing the activity in the three pilot incubators, which have begun a new incubation cycle in 2010
  • Setting up new Incubators in other regions in Romania, such as Targu Mures (opened in June 2010), Mangalia (October 2010), Bacau (May 2011), Satu Mare (est. Q4, 2011), Dorohoi (est. Q4, 2011), Timisoara (est. Q4, 2011) and Campia Turzii (est. Q1 2012)


Each Business Incubator houses between 16 and 24 businesses for a period of three years (the duration of an incubation cycle).


The local management of the Business Incubators and the consultancy services required by tenant SMEs are provided by an incubator manager, selected according to UNDP procedures and contracted by AIPPSME and the relevant Local or Regional Authority.


Project Documents

The Implementation Procedure of the National multi-annual programme for the establishment and development of technology and business incubators, published in the Official Gazette no. 386/ 10.06.2010


The Association of Business Incubators and Business Centers in Romania (AICAR)

AICAR was set up with support from UNDP and AIPPSME, as a legal independent entity, aiming to strengthen the role of Business Incubators in Romania and to ensure their long-term sustainability. AICAR was established in 2010, having as founders the Incubator Administrators from Alba Iulia, Brasov, Mangalia, Sfantu Gheorghe and Targu Mures. For more information about the association’s activities and membership details, please visit the AICAR website.