Sfantu Gheorghe Business Incubator


At the beginning of 2010, the Incubator started a new three-year incubation cycle, with the objective of supporting newly-established SMEs in the region.


For more details about the firms that have already started the incubation process within the Sfantu Gheorghe Business Incubator, please visit the Tenant firms page.




The incubated firms benefit from administrative and financial support, office spaces and consultancy services and training. The pre-incubation and incubation specific services provided by the Incubator Administrator include:

  • Assistance in drawing up a business plan
  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial Management
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Project Financing


Other facilities: in addition to the offices, the incubator also boasts a meeting room, o conference room (simultaneous translation system, station amplifier, microphones, starboard, video-projector, projection screen, clipboard, Wi-Fi), parking spaces, security systems and security access.



Administrator: CovIMM Consulting

Address: Str Presei, nr 4, 520064 Sfântu Gheorghe, Covasna County

Tel.: 0367-620141

Fax: 0367-620143

E-mail: vajda@asimcov.ro

Web: http://incubatorafacericv.ro/



The Sf Gheorghe Business Incubator was established as part of the National multi-annual programme for the establishment and development of technology and business incubators, coordinated by the AIPPSME and implemented by the UNDP.


Opened in 2006 as an integrated part of the regional economic development policy, the Incubator has accumulated over four years of experience in business incubation management, supporting the development of tens of newly-established firms. Along with the incubation services, the Business Incubator has represented the basis of a business center which now houses industrial clusters, associations and professional groups.


The Incubator building, a former thermal power station of the County Hospital, was made available by the Covasna County Council. The funding for the building’s overhaul was provided by the joint effort of the Covasna City Council and the AIPPSME - UNDP partnership.


The incubator supported, in its first incubation cycle (2006- 2009), the development of 20 SMEs, along with other clusters and professional associations. Of the 20 companies, 16 have ended the programme successfully (a survival rate of 80%). The 16 firms which have successfully graduated from the incubation programme have created a total of 60 new jobs in the incubation period. Among the most profitable areas of activity within the Incubator are advertising, the paper/ cardboard industry, media, as well as different forms of education.


Local partner: Sf. Gheorghe City Hall