Brasov Business Incubator


The Business Incubator in Brasov welcomed a new set of firms for business incubation in early 2010.


For more details regarding the firms that have already started the incubation process within the Brasov Business Incubator, please visit the Tenant firms page.


The incubated firms benefit from administrative and financial support, office spaces and consultancy services and training. The Business Incubator Administrator provides consultancy and assistance services, including:

  • Consultancy and assistance in drawing up business plans, marketing plans, feasibility studies
  • Product development assistance
  • Partnership development assistance
  • Training, translation and advertising services
  • Promotion of tenant firms



Administrator: Dima Consulting Group

Business Incubator address: Str. Turnului Nr.5, 4th floor, 500152, Braşov, Brasov county

Contact: Dl Doru Dima, Administrator

Administrator’s address: DIMA CONSULTING GROUP, Str. Miraslau nr. 35, 500075 Braşov

Tel: 0372 686000

Fax : 0372 686026





The Brasov Business Incubator was set up with the support of the National multi-annual programme for the establishment and development of technology and business incubators, coordinated by AIPPSME and implemented by UNDP.


The incubator started its activity in 2006, supporting the development of 20 businesses in the first incubation cycle (2006-2009) and providing support to other 20 firms, within a new incubation cycle that started in 2010.


The refurbishment of the building that houses the Business Incubator was co-financed by the Brasov County Council and the AIPPSME - UNDP partnership.


Local partner: Brașov City Hall